Value hotel in Prague for students

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Value hotel in Prague for students

Trips during you university years, though often not quite as easy to organize, are usually those we remember best and have most fun on. Check out Petit hotel Prague – a value hotel in Prague for students that will allow students to come here for a short or even a longer stay and have a lot of fun on a budget. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeves that allow us to have very low price for our value Prague hotel accommodation- but don’t take our word for it, just read up!

Since, as a students, you’re bound to want to make the most of your trip, our value hotel in Prague for students is located in a very convenient location, on the 262/1 U Výstaviště street in the Holešovice district, near the Holešovice main station with excellent subway and tram communication with all the major city spots and tourist attractions. You will also get a hotel room in just the right size with no excessive space but all the comfort you’ll need, convenient parking arrangements and more – all fit for a tight student’s budget.

Le Petit Prague Hotel is above all the clever room size – for students coming for a stay in Prague for value we recommend the economy twin room – this room for two, students or else, with two single beds will allow two adults to comfortably sleep, get dressed, relax and overall accommodate themselves in Prague – without breaking the bank or the budget. The 8-9 m² value Hotel Prague rooms come equipped with regularly cleaned air conditioning units, private bathrooms with sets of soap and shampoo (yes, you will not need to pack any!), fast Wi-Fi internet and plentiful power outlets in convenient spots. All a student may need in a foreign city.

All students are welcome to grab value buffet-style hotel breakfasts with tea and coffee, which is also offered for free at the reception desk of the value hotel in Prague for students.

Come to Le Petit Prague Hotel and see just how little you can spend on trips abroad! We recommend getting here either by train or one of the coach services in order to bring the cost even further down. And remember- beer in Prague is quite value ! And thanks to our low prices, you won’t have to restrain yourself on actually enjoying the Prague City.

Here you can also read up on free to see or value attractions of Prague that you should definitely see while you’re here, such as the Lennon Wall or the Astronomical Clock.

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