Cheap Prague - how to visit on a budget!

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Cheap Prague – how to visit on a budget!

Cheap Prague – communication, sightseeing, eating out and accommodation on a budget!

Though Prague is one of the cheaper major European cities, if you’re looking to have fun and travel on a shoestring budget, take a look at our guide at how to make Prague cheap. Below you’ll get to know how to get here at a low cost, where to eat on a budget, what is cheap to see and experience, how to get around the city for pennies and how to find cheap accommodation – though this point may well be the easiest one!

How to get to Prague cheap?

Depending on the country you’re travelling from, the cheapest mean of getting to the Czech city of Prague may either be a coach or a train. If you’re travelling in a large group it just may be the cheapest to go by car, though you will have take into account the cost of paid higways that are plentiful in Czech Republic. If a cheap bus or train transfer sounds more like it for you, be sure to use online price comparison tools!

Budget accommodation Prague – how to find a cheap hotel?

Here’s the moment when we give a shout out to ourselves – Le Petit Hotel Prague is a budget hotel that combines a high standard of cleanliness and equipment with a convenient location and a small room size, which allows the prices to get as low as they are. The hotel rooms feature private bathrooms, TVs, air conditioning, cleaning on request and more – all for a price that’s closer to a hostel. Get accommodated with us and travel cheap!

Where to eat & drink in Prague on a budget?

A lot of guides will tell you to just bring your own food – we will not, as we believe eating and drinking locally is one of the biggest parts of the travel experience. Prague has a diverse selection of foods at a selection of price points, but we’ll focus on stuff that’s both tasty and cheap – and no McDonalds’ is to be found here, cheap as it might be!

The cheapest option will be one of the plentiful Asian restaurants – you can expect to have a meal there for about 80 – 100 Kč. The next tier is local cuisine in handpicked spots, such as Bar Bar (150-250 Kč), Klub architectů (150-300 Kč) or U Sádlů (150-300 Kč ).

Of course, all of those go best with Czech beer – but fear not, it actually is quite cheap regardless of where are you buying it. Bottoms up!

What to see in Prague for free?

It should come as no surprise that a lot of Prague’s attractions have no cost of admission at all, as they’re integral parts of this wonderful, Czech city. First up, you absolutely have to see the Prague Astronomical Clock, the John Lennon Wall which is more or less a mini Berlin Wall and the plentiful scenic lookouts. It’s also absolutely a must to have at least a single stroll through Prague’s Malá Strana. Be careful not to go to any restaurants, pubs or cafes there, though – they’re decidedly not budget-conscious and priced for tourists. You have been warned!

Where to exchange money in Prague?

Be sure to check out our page on how to exchange money, as it’s not that hard to get tricked and not get the Czech Korunas at all, or get them at a less-than-ideal rate!

How to get around Prague for pennies?

The quickest means of communication is, just like in any other city, walking! It’s also a great opportunity to catch and experience even more of the wonderful city of Prague. The distances are not overly large (they are, however noticeably bigger than in Cracow for instance).

If time constraints won’t allow for taking your time to just walk around Prague, consider getting a 24h or 72h Prague communication ticket that works in buses, trams, subways and so on. Such a ticket costs 110 Kč or 310 Kč accordingly.

Come to Le Petit and travel on a tighter budget that you even thought possible! Even if just for a short stay.