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New Year’s Eve in Prague

What is it like to spend the New Year’s Eve in one of the most interesting cities of Europe? Find out here

If you’ve already booked a hotel in Prague, all that’s left for you to do is to decide what kind of fun you’ll be having in this wonderful city. Take a look at some of our ideas – or just be creative! This city loves it like few other.

The Fireworks

Whether you want to watch the celebratory New Year’s fireworks from the Charles Bridge, the Wenceslas Square or the Old Town Square of Prague, the Fireworks are sure to amaze, like they do each and every year.

The Pubs

The pub culture of Prague is nothing short of amazing in its normal cycle, and on New Year’s Eve, it goes straight into overdrive. With masses of people celebrating, delicious beer and omnipresent happiness, you can’t go wrong with this classic of Prague.

The Clubs

If dancing is your forte and you’re looking to swing into the New Year, be sure to check out the clubs of Prague. As with pubs, the culture is amazing every day, and the New Year brings even more zing to the already spicy pot. Be sure to make your clothes stand out in the crowd!

A Vltava cruise

What’s better that a shipful full of booze with a jolly atmosphere unlike any other? The gorgeous views of Prague, the fireworks, and if you’re lucky, also the sunset. A tip – it’s also great to watch the sunset from the Charles Bridge!

Decided? Undecided just yet? Don’t even have accommodation ready yet? Worry not – there’s time left still. But if you want to experience the wild and beautiful New Year’s Eve in Prague, you best pick you idea of fun and act quick!