Prague in Autumn

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Prague in autumn

No matter what season, Prague is always a beautiful city – there can be no doubt about this whatsoever. However, each season presents a slightly different flavour of Prague, making it worth checking out at every time of the year. As summer has just ended and Autumn is upon us, let’s take a look at what do do in Prague in Autumn – in addition to all the usual attractions! It has to be said, that while there are chances of rain, the golden autumn aura does wonders for Prague’s natural style and makes the sights that are always beautiful even more breathtaking. It’s also worth noting that it may be cheaper to travel to Prague in Autumn as opposed to summer – and our prices are always very much attractive!

Prague in Autumn means plenty of events!

Prague is pretty much always bursting with events of all manner, and Autumn is no exception. Out of all the event venues, if you mean on accommodating yourself at the Petit Prague Hotel, you could keep your eyes peeled particularly well for events taking place at the Tipsport Arena of Prague – it’s just a short walk away from the hotel! There are events of all kinds taking place in Prague – all worth seeing even if you’re just in Prague for a short stay – concerts, food-related events, art festivals and plenty more. Check out the shortlist of events taking place in Autumn in Prague – keep in mind however it’s nowhere near close to the actual amount of events you could expect!

  • the Prague Burgerfest – 8th of September
  • Prosecco and Food Prague – 14th of September
  • the Faim concert – 11th of September
  • the Pixies concert – 8th of October
  • the New Order Concert – 3rd of October
  • Designblok design festival – 25th of October
  • Whiskeylife! Whiskey festival – 2nd of November

The hearty food is just perfect for Autumn in Prague!

Prague’s food is famous for being hearty, warm and delicious. It’s also extraordinarily well suited for cold Autumns! There are few things better after a full day of sightseeing of Prague that one of the hearty signature local dishes served with a large glass of beer. Filling and particularly delicious. With enough foot time in the city of Prague, you can also absolve yourself of any guilt of eating those rather calorie-heavy delicacies.

Come to Prague in Autumn

Prague is just the perfect time to visit Prague – you can do it on a budget and truly see the city for what it is. And it’s quite the sight! Contact us at the Petit Hotel Prague earlier for the best rate on your Prague accommodation – and be sure to use the code BOOKDIRECT for an extra discount on top of the best available price! It’s just the perfect opportunity to spend an equally autumn in Prague – and if you’d like some more recommendations on stuff to do, just ask the friendly staff at our reception desk – we’ll be always happy to help, no matter what season.

The perfect weather for relaxed sightseeing

The autumn weather lends itself extremely well to sightseeing the city – all distances become even more walkable and the temperature is perfect for taking in all of the city in peace. It’s something we highly recommend!

Exploring the parks of Prague

There are plenty of parks that are worthy of your interest in Prague – and they without a shred of doubt look best in the fall season. The parks to visit include Letná, Divoká Šárka, and Stromovka, although we would recommend the Petřín park the most. It has wonderful apple orchards and a so-called little eiffel tower – the perfect vantage point with a great view of the park. Some autumny nature in a park is a great intermezzo in sighteeing the vintage city – and one that certainly looks best when there is autumn in Prague.

A Pub Crawl

With Prague’s fantastic beer & pub culture, it’s no wonder that Prague is one of the best cities for a pub crawl. It works wonderfully in Autumn too, providing a stark, warm contrast to the chilly aura outside. All the hot pub grub works ideally here as well! Your autumn Prague pub crawl does not have to be pushing your alcohol intake – with a low alcohol content of plenty of Czech beers, 0.3 serving sizes, hearty snacks and the tempo being strictly up to you, a pub crawl really doesn’t have to end up in, well, crawling – think of it as just warming yourself up in a very geographically-appropriate way.