What do do in Prague when it rains?

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What to do in Prague when in rains?

What to do in Prague when it rains? This question yields answers that are quite fun, so don’t be scared to check out Prague even when the weather is less then stellar – it’s absolutely worth it! Rain in Prague may be the perfect opportunity to go deeper into the delicious Czech cuisine, explore the treasures of various museums you might not visit otherwise, go to a theatre (and not just an ordinary one!) or embrace the rain and experience Prague in a way few tourists do.


When it rains in Prague, go to a museum

It’s common knowledge that exploring museums is a very weather-proof activity. What may not be common knowledge would be just how interesting some museums of Prague are. The most important one is the National Museum of Prague, located next to the famed Wenceslas Square. It has the largest exhibition of all Czech museums and from a wide selection of areas too. Other recommended museums would be the Náprstkovo museum that boasts an extensive collection of Asian, African and American items. If you’re more art-oriented, you really should visit the Museum of Bedřicha Smetana on Novotného lávce or the Museum of Antonín Dvořáka on Ke Karlovu street. The Národní technické muzeum na Letné (National Museum of Engineering) is quite interesting as well, with a sizeable exposition of planes and Czechoslovak cars – including luxury ones that are quite the sights to behold.


An Art Gallery is a great remedy for rain – this holds true for Prague

If Galleries are more your speed, you’re in luck too – even in it rains in Prague during your stay. A great pick is the Veletržní palác that holds various contemporary arts from the XXth and the XXIst century. If you’re looking for something more edgy, you may want to also visit the DOX Centrum současného umění (Gallery of Contemporary Art) in Holešovice. It’s located just a short walk from the Petit Prague HotelIt’s still a freshly opened one, but it already has a considerable reputation among the art aficionados.


Go underground

The Vyšehrad Castle is not just the impressive exterior – it hides a vast array of undergound passages used by the French Army in the XVIIth Century. Sounds intriguing? It really is! It’s certainly one of the activities to do in Prague when it rains.


The Black Theatre

While we already have some solid suggestions on what to do in Prague when it rains, before we head onto just embracing the city’s qualities in a different aura, we have one suggestion you may have not even considered before. Namely, the Black Theatre. A Black Theatre differentiates itself from the “regular” one by employing optical illusions and plentiful effects to create something much closer to a spectacle than a play. The most famous ones of Prague would be the Jiří Srnec Theatre, WOW and Ta Fantastika.


Embrace Prague despite the rain – or with it!

Prague is one of the cities that gains a very specific charm when the weather is wet – from the sound of raindrops crashing on the cobblestone to the specific smell of the city’s green parts during the rain, it’s something that one has to really experience for oneself. You may also notice less tourists, meaning your views will be even better. After you’ve done your share of roaming the romantic streets, you can shelter yourself in one of Prague’s famous restaurants and bars for a hearty meal.