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Wine in Prague

Wine in Prague? White Prague may seem more like Pilsner capital, which it really is, there’s more diversity in the drink of choice of Prague than one might expect. Czech Republic is not as well-known as a wine-maker as, say,  Italy or France, but its independent wine-makers should certainly not be overlooked. There is quite the history behind wine in Prague too – when you arrive in Prague you will surely soon find yourself in the district of Vinohrady – the name meaning Vineyards, short for Royal Vineyards – because as early as the 14th Century, the area was covered in the vineyards. Now, it’s an artistic district bursting with parks and wine bars and is certainly a place you will want to visit. 


How do Czech wines taste?

Though you may get wines made in other countries in most wine bars in Prague, it would be a shame not to try a truly local Czech wine. And how do they taste like? They are usually extraordinarily refreshing – with a peculiar acidity, usually in a semi-dry variant. They are mostly (about 75%) white wines, the usual variety of grapes being Welschriesling. They are comparable to Austrian wines (which should not be surprising at all given their similiar climates and even historical connections) – if you want to know more, I suppose you will have to actually try them! And we would recommend it very highly. And don’t forget to check out what to eat in Prague!


Where to try wine in Prague?

There are plenty of wine bars that are well worth visiting in Prague, unsurprisingly a lot of the aforementioned Vinohrady district. That said, there’s a lot of great wine bars scattered all over Prague, including the old town, the city centre, Zizkov, and yes, Holesovice – the district where you can find the Petit Hotel Prague! So come even for a short stay.


  • The Glass

Located right by the Petit, the Glass is a chic and stylish wine bar. You can try local wines and cuisine, as well as Italian, French and even Austrian (we’re sure you’re seeing the connection now!). 

  • Vinograf

Vinograf is a cozy wine bar nested right in the city centre that you’re absolutely sure to visit. It’s a romantic spot with a very knowledgeable staff that’s sure to recommend not only the wine, but also the perfect charcuterie to go along with it.

  • Veltlin

In addition to the local Czech wines, you will find plenty of delicious Hungarian and Croatian wines, plus Austrian, of course. It’s located in the Karlin district of Prague and is quite the classy place. 

  • Prosekarna

A small place where you may not find a great choice of local wines – but which certainly is the Prosecco capital of Prague. Given the rising popularity and fantastic taste of the dry bubbly wine akin to Champagne, it’s a spot you really should visit if you’re a fan of Prosecco, Cava or even Vinho Verde, all similiar styles.


The Festive spirit

One thing to remember – during the Christmas season as well as the New Year’s Eve you can expect the city to be filled to the brim with mulled wine stands – it’s basically hot wine infused with aromatic spices such as cinnamon or cloves. For many, it’s as close to the taste of the holiday season as it gets – it’s also a fantastic drink to warm up amidst the cold.

Go ahead and try!

With attractive pricing relative to what you’re getting and plenty of other attractions, a wine-tasting trip to Prague is an excellent choice! And if you’re not a wine of Prague, but say, your spouse is, it’s a good thing there’s plenty for the beer fan in Prague as well!